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Customized HR Solutions

HR Services

Human Resources support for companies that need innovative custom solutions.

We offer the following HR Services:



·       Employee Complaints

·       Disciplinary Escalations

·       EEOC

·       OSHA

·       Unfair Labor Practices (ULP)

·       Ethics

Audits and assessments

·       Health of the Organization

·       Focus Groups

·       Compliance

·       I-9 and E-verify/FLSA Audits and Compliance

·       Affirmative Action Plans

·       Annual OFCCP Reporting

·       Annual OSHA Reporting


·       Leadership/ Management

·       Front Line Supervisor

·       Annual Harassment and Discrimination

·       Annual Ethics

·       Diversity and Inclusion

·       Effective Communication

Pre-Employment SERVICES

·       Reference Checks

·       Criminal Background check (customized based on position)

·       Job Descriptions

·       Customized Interview Guides for each position with rubrics and procedures

Policies and Procedures

·       Standard Operation Procedures

·       Compliance Policies

·       Hiring Policies

·       Employee Handbooks

·       Management Handbooks

·       Existing Handbook revisions

·       Performance Management Procedures and documents including Performance Reviews (90 day, mid year and annual)

Human Resources Due Diligence - M&A

  • Assessments

  • Customized Health of the Workforce Reports

Acculturation consulting- collaboration with Niche Global Partners

  • Compliance

  • Operational Processes

  • Culture